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“Saved by the Bell” Star Dustin Diamond Violates Probation, Owes Wisconsin $94,000

by admin • June 23, 2016

Like many Millennials, “Saved by the Bell” was a staple of my childhood. Along with the high waisted, acid washed jeans and A.C. Slater’s infamous curly mullet, the popular cable show captivated young viewers with its relatable, yet, corny storylines. Thinking back to the early 1990s, mainstream entertainment seemed to regurgitate Nancy Regan’s anti-drug, “just […]

Indecent Exposure Charges Filed Against Denver Firefighter

by admin • June 22, 2016

Denver firefighter, Timothy Plybon, 34, has been placed on paid administrative leave following his June 6th arrest for indecent exposure. Although witnesses have offered different accounts of what happened, the alleged incident happened inside From Mexico Con Amor, a local candy store in the Town Center of Aurora. In a police report obtained by 9news, […]

Sixteen Arrested in Alleged Denver Drug Sting

by admin • June 21, 2016

Adams County COCCA Arrest Nabs Sixteen After ten months of undercover investigation, the DEA, Front Range Drug Task force, and local law enforcement seized $30,000 in cash, more than a half-pound of cocaine, various weapons and numerous prescription drugs after searching homes in Arvada, Commerce City, Lakewood, and Thornton. As a result of Thursday’s sting […]

Aggravated Driving and Colorado Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO)

by admin • June 20, 2016

Denver Habitual Traffic Offender In Colorado there are many ways in which a person can earn the status as a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO). C.R.S. 42-2-202 classifies a Habitual Traffic Offender as: Any person, resident or nonresident, who has been convicted of three qualifying, separate and distinct driving offenses within a seven year period, based […]

Denver Latinos Concerned about Officer Shootings

by Andres Guevara • June 9, 2016

Denver Police Shootings Go Unchallenged In so many cases around the country and here at home in Denver, Colorado, police shootings fall under the radar and go unchallenged. While we hear of a few bigger shooting cases, many more police shootings go unreported. Maybe its because the victims were unlucky and didn’t have an eyewitness […]

Don’t Blame Marijuana for Denver Crime Increase

by Andres Guevara • May 25, 2016

People need a boogeyman and for the “War on Drugs” folks, after marijuana was legalized in Denver, anything that could be blamed on marijuana was blamed on the drug.  So, in Denver we have had news reports around Halloween that Denver Police were concerned that children were going to get candy infused with marijuana and […]

Bilingual Criminal Defense Lawyer: Why It Helps | Denver Criminal Attorney

by Andres Guevara • May 24, 2016

Having a bilingual criminal defense attorney at your side in court can be the difference between winning and losing your case.  Sounds like an exaggeration?  Well, its not. If your attorney cannot actually speak your language, that means that details can be missed in a case.  These details can be big facts or small facts–either […]

Should You Enter a Guilty Plea to a Sex Crime?

by Andres Guevara • May 23, 2016

A guilty plea to a sex crime can change your life forever.  Sex crimes are some of the most serious felony criminal cases in Colorado and the law will harshly punish people who plea guilty or are found guilty of a sex crime.  So what should you do if you are charged with any of a […]

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