As part of Colorado State Patrol’s ongoing the “Heat Is On” campaign, law enforcement officials throughout the state made a targeted effort over the Halloween holiday and weekend to arrest drivers who were suspected of being intoxicated. The Heat Is On campaign is aimed at making DUI arrests on national holidays in order to try to deter the public from driving drunk and to try to reduce the number of DUI accidents and fatalities that occur over these holidays.

According to data collected by the Colorado Department of Transportation, from 6 pm on Wednesday October 30th through 3 am on Monday November 4th:

  • A total of 386 people in Colorado were arrested for allegedly driving while intoxicated.
  • Most of these DUI arrests took place in Aurora, with a reported 53 DUI arrests, and Denver, with a reported 52 DUI arrests.
  • A large number of arrests were also recorded in Colorado Springs, with a reported 29 Dui arrests, and Adams County, with a reported 28 DUI arrests.
  • No one was killed in a DUI-related accident, though there were a total of 7 DUI fatalities in October 2013. This marks a decrease in the number of DUI fatal accidents when compared with those recorded in 2012, when there were 24 people who died in DUI accidents in the month of October (with 6 of these fatalities occurring over the Halloween weekend).

While law enforcement officials set up sobriety checkpoints over the course of this targeted campaign to make DUI arrests, in other cases, these arrests were made after police had pulled over drivers they allegedly witnessed driving erratically.

Per the Heat Is On campaign, the next major holiday that Colorado’s law enforcement officials will target for DUI arrests will be the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

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