Although most DUIs are misdemeanors, upon conviction, they can impose some harsh, long-term penalties on individuals that can be costly to both their wallets and their personal reputations. In addition to potentially having to serve jail time and complete lengthy community service requirements, individuals convicted of DUIs may also be sentenced by the courts to pay expensive fines and complete alcohol education classes.

These alcohol education classes for DUIs can be extremely costly and time consuming in and of themselves, and failing to complete them could result in further court-ordered penalties, as well as delays in the full reinstatement of individuals’ drivers’ licenses.

While alcohol education classes for DUIs generally involve a combination of education courses and therapy sessions, the length of time that an individual will be required to attend these classes will depend on:

  • His or her age (with there being different requirements for those convicted of underage DUIs)
  • His or her blood alcohol content (with individuals who had BACs greater than 0.17 generally having to participate in these classes for longer periods of time)
  • Whether or not (s)he has prior DUI convictions.

For a closer look at the specific types of programs or “tracks” associated with alcohol education classes for DUIs, check out our upcoming Part 2 of this blog.

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