Aurora Mayor, Steve Hogan, has recently proposed the appointment of an independent monitor who would be responsible for investigating allegations of police misconduct against the Aurora Police Department. Although Mayor Hogan has stated that there hasn’t recently been any specific incident with the Aurora Police Department that has sparked this proposal, he has stated that he would like to have an independent monitor in place if and when allegations of police misconduct arise in an effort to be “proactive rather than reactive.” In the past, allegations of police misconduct against the Aurora Police Department have included claims of use of unnecessary force, misconduct when handling suspects in custody and officer abuse.

If the Mayor’s proposal is approved, the independent monitor would head up complaints made by both citizens and other officers against Aurora cops. This independent monitor, who would be appointed by the Mayor, would also play a role in internal affairs investigations, as well as in disciplinary actions taken against police found to be guilty of misconduct.

While the Mayor’s recent proposal has been met with some backlash from various law enforcement officials and agencies (many of who claim that the Aurora Police Department is already transparent and that having such an independent monitor would be an unnecessary cost to taxpayers), civilians and some advocacy groups are lauding the Mayor’s proposal for an independent monitor as a proactive move towards making police officers be accountable to the citizens and community that they are supposed to protect.

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