An investigation conducted by the Mountain State Employers Council (MSEC) has resulted in a damning report regarding the Colorado state laboratory that is responsible for analyzing evidence collected in criminal cases for more than 200 law enforcement agencies throughout the state. In a report, dated March 2013, the MSEC found that the Laboratory Services Division of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE):

  • Has been compromising justice and unbiased scientific analysis in favor of analyzing evidence to comply with prosecutors’ agendas
  • Has not sufficiently trained some of its staff on how to analyze evidence in an unbiased manner
  • Has sent unqualified, non-expert staff to testify as experts for the prosecution in criminal trials
  • Has, in committing the above unethical behaviors, grossly compromised the rights of the accused and may have even caused hundreds of individuals to be wrongfully convicted.

What is possibly as shocking as the findings of the MSEC’s report are the facts that:

  • Colorado district attorneys have had this report for months.
  • The Colorado criminal defense bar has only been notified of this report within the past few weeks, which could constitute a significant breach of justice and disclosure.

With this recent indictment of the state laboratory, Colorado criminal defense lawyers have banned together to not only demand an independent investigation of the state lab’s methods and staff but also to call for the possible reanalysis of some criminal evidence that may be grounds for an appeal of previous criminal convictions. As this criminal justice drama continues to unfold, the Colorado appellate court is gearing up for hundreds of appeals to be filed in criminal cases.

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