Matthew Andrews, the 36-year-old Denver Sheriff’s deputy who is facing criminal charges related to allegedly helping an inmate escape from jail, has recently submitted his resignation to the Sheriff’s Department. Andrews is currently facing various felony charges for allegedly helping 24-year-old Felix Trujillo escape from the Downtown Denver Detention Center in early April.

According to court documents and the police report associated with this case, Andrews allegedly aided Trujillo dress in a deputy uniform, board an elevator and walk out of jail. Andrews then allegedly drove Trujillo, who had been detained for his alleged role in a robbery that took place last year, to a getaway car waiting for him in Thornton. When Andrews returned to the Downtown Denver Detention Center, his superiors were waiting for him and immediately took him in for questioning in connection with the inmate escape.

Early Defense Arguments

The defense attorney representing Andrews in this case has alleged that Trujillo and others had threatened the lives of Andrews and his family and, consequently, coerced Andrews into helping with the escape. The attorney has also stated that Trujillo has a documented history of lying, which is likely going to be brought up in a future trial or in plea deal negotiations if Trujillo denies having threatened Andrews in an attempt to aid in the escape plan.

Andrew’s recent resignation from the Denver Sheriff’s Department circumvents any possible punishment or retribution he would have faced from the Department.

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