A 19-year-old student at Denver’s Montebello High School has recently been charged with two felony crimes for his alleged role in attempting to sexually assault another high school student in the school’s music room in early May.

According to the police report and court documents associated with the case, the suspect had allegedly followed the victim into the high school’s music room; after she had sat down at a piano and the two had engaged in some brief conversation, the suspect allegedly approached the victim from behind, bit and grabbed her neck and then started touching her inappropriately in an attempt to sexually assault her. While the victim did not immediately come forward with her story, the sexual assault allegations later came to light during a meeting the girl had with her therapist.

Potential Penalties upon Conviction

At this time, the suspect is being detained on a $50,000 bail and is scheduled to go to court for one of the first phases of his case within the coming weeks. Currently, the suspect has been charged with two felony crimes and a misdemeanor, with the specific charges including, attempted sexual assault, sexual contact no consent, and misdemeanor harassment. If convicted of either of the felony charges in this case:

  • The sentence the accused will face will be significantly harsh and could include months to years in prison, as both of these felonies are considered to be extraordinary risk crimes.
  • The accused will likely have to register as a Colorado sex offender for years to come.

Given that no other witnesses have yet come forward in this case, whether or not a conviction is ultimately be handed down will depend on whether the jury in this case believes the alleged victim’s testimony or the alleged suspect’s testimony as to what actually happened in the music room.

The authorities take allegations of sex crimes, particularly those involving alleged victims that are underage or are children, extremely seriously, and these charges – even if a person is ultimately acquitted of them – can have a devastating impact on a person’s personal and professional life. If you or a loved one has been accused of any sex crime in Denver, you will need an experienced defense attorney who is dedicated to defending your rights.

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