DUI arrests can happen to anybody.  Yes, I know what you are saying: “Well, if I don’t drink I won’t get arrested for a DUI.”  Well, if you say this you are wrong.  You may not get convicted of a DUI, but you can still get arrested.  Lots of people get arrested for crimes they did not commit. Same goes for a DUI.

For many reasons, when a DUI happens to someone famous, the arrest seems more lurid.  We turn in and watch the news.  And why not?  No matter how hard we try, so-called famous people are viewed as “different” than us.  They have access to more perks and surely have learned to how to call Uber (or at least they have an assistant who can call for a taxi). 

David Cassidy’s Three DUI Arrests

Perhaps like many people of my generation, I remember watching the Partridge Family in my family’s living room.  After the show was cancelled, David Cassidy started his own pop idol phase, singing to crowds of screaming teenage girls who attended his concerts and bought records of his hit song “I Think I Love You.”  (Yes, I have a copy of the song on my iTunes account).

Unfortunately, David Cassidy and alcohol didn’t mix.  Over the years, David was arrested and convicted of three DUIs.  The most recent of these happened in 2014 in Los Angeles, California.  During this arrest, Cassidy was stopped after he made an illegal turn.  Cassidy took a breathalyzer test and blew a .19% or twice the legal limit.

Hit and Run

Yes, you would think that someone with this sort of history of driving under the influence would avoid any further problems. Cassidy could not, unfortunately, and in September 2014, Cassidy was involved in a hit-and-run in Broward County, Florida. Even though he left the scene of the accident, eyewitnesses saw him sideswipe a delivery truck. Perhaps because he left the scene, there was no evidence of his physical condition at the time of the accident.

Typically, hit-and-run accidents are treated harshly in terms of the points accessed to your driver’s license. In Colorado, for example, a hit-and-run accident can result in revocation of driving privileges.

A similar sentence was given to Cassidy, who pleaded no-contest to reckless driving and, as a result, had his license suspended and was placed on two-years probation.

I know that we all make mistakes, when a so-called celebrity (even an “minor” one whose celebrity is based in part on nostalgia) gets a DUI arrest, it bears pause.  Here is hoping that Cassidy can get the necessary treatment and support to help with any drinking and alcohol issues. He may have been famous once, and to a lesser extent, he still is famous. However, in fighting inner demons, he is very much like the rest of us.