The latest trend in marijuana seems to be ingesting marijuana through edibles rather than the more traditional form of smoking. When people smoke marijuana the high lasts for 1-3 hours, when people eat marijuana the effects may take 30-90 minutes to begin, but the effect lasts for 3-7 hours before gradually descending. Users may think it’s safer to eat because of the slowly surfacing effects, but it’s actually more dangerous due to the likelihood of overdosing. People think because the effects are not noticeable right away that they didn’t take enough, however, the fact is that it just takes longer to digest.

You may be thinking, but wait, you can’t overdose on marijuana. While the chances of death are very slim, you can still overdose. The effects from a marijuana overdose include becoming extremely anxious in the form of panic attacks or psychotic reactions in which the victim will be come extremely paranoid and neglect reality.

While the marijuana overdose doesn’t directly lead to death, the consequences of the side effects have been the cause of two deaths in the past. In Wyoming, a college age boy jumped to his death after eating a marijuana cookie. In Denver, a man is charged with first degree murder after eating a marijuana cookie and hallucinating so much he ended up killing his wife. It is incredibly important to be careful while ingesting marijuana.

So what is Colorado doing in an effort to decrease the amount of edible marijuana overdoses? They’re changing the law. In Colorado you may have 100 mg of THC. In the past, you could buy bite-sized edibles that pack 100 mg of THC. Now, you can still buy a product with that amount, but it must easily be broken off into pieces that have 10 mg or fewer.

If you prefer your edibles in liquid format, those guidelines are also changing. The liquids must be put in child-resistant containers that are marked with their serving size. Some people hope for edible marijuana to be banned completely because the edible format is extremely attractive to children. In fact, one Denver hospital claimed that 9 children have been admitted to the hospital because they accidentally ate pot.

Do you think it’s time for these laws to change? Express your opinions in the comments below and remember if you are charged on account of marijuana possession, contact the attorneys that have your back.