A guilty plea to a sex crime can change your life forever.  Sex crimes are some of the most serious felony criminal cases in Colorado and the law will harshly punish people who plea guilty or are found guilty of a sex crime.  So what should you do if you are charged with any of a long list of sexual offenses?

Consult with a Sex Offense Criminal Lawyer

First, speak to an expert.  And by expert I mean a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in sex offenses.  You don’t want just any attorney or someone who mostly handles DUIs or misdemeanors.  There is nothing wrong with those types of case and heck, our firm defends people charged with all crimes.  But sexual assault charges are completely different.

Sex assault cases are complicated and require unique care and attention.  You wouldn’t go to a dentist to handle a broken leg or open heart surgery.  Issues in a sex case can include DNA, fingerprint, rape kit, medical trauma, forensic interviewing, and constitutional prohibitions on search and seizure.  Get advice from only the most experienced criminal lawyers.

Investigate the Case First

For your own sake, don’t rush into any hasty decisions about pleading guilty.  Step back and realize that this is a decision that will follow you for the remainder of your life.  You don’t want to be looking back five or twenty years from now wondering why you made a rash decision.

Make sure that a proper investigation is done in the case.  Witnesses should be interviewed by your experts and not just by police officers who may be biased or may have performed inadequately.   After someone looks carefully at all of the facts in the case, it may be that you don’t need to plea after all, or if you have to plea, you may get a better offer.  Don’t make a choice based on incomplete or incorrect information.

Pleading Guilty is a Case By Case Decision

Each case is different and because of this fact, no one can give you a clear-cut blanket answer of whether you should plea until a full review of the facts is done.  In some cases, a defendant can benefit by entering a guilty plea.  But there are also many times where a guilty plea will place such harsh restrictions that the defendant might have been better off fighting the charges at trial.

Remember, the sentences which come from sex offenses are incredibly severe.  Punishment can include prison, sex offender registration, therapy sessions, community corrections, and the strictest probation requirements.

Before you make a bad decision, speak with expert sex offense lawyers who can properly advise you.  At the Law Office of Andres R. Guevara, we are experts in sex crimes.  Andres Guevara has successfully handled sex crime cases from all stages.  This includes work on cases pre-arrest all the way up to trial.  Using over two decades of legal experience, Andres Guevara fights for each of his client’s rights.  Call now for a free consultation.