You got arrested for a felony criminal case in Denver County and one of your first questions you have is:  What amount of bond will be set in my case? Bond is a very important factor and can make a huge difference in your life.  Will I get out of jail?  Will I lose my job if I don’t get to go home?  Can my family and friends afford to pay a bail bonds person?

Judges should look at several factors in setting felony bail but unfortunately, many judges rely on a bond schedule to tell them the amount of bond to set.  One of the reasons why jails remain overcrowded despite the fact that crime is going down is that the bond schedule is too high.


Bond amounts in Denver are typically set according to a set schedule.  The theory is to try to treat similar cases the same.  However, this doesn’t mean that a criminal defense lawyer cannot or should not bring up other factors.  It does help to know what kind of money or property value is needed for each charge.

The most recent schedule (as of February 2, 2016) is as follows:

Class 1 Felony No Bond
Class 2 Felony $100,000
Class 3 Felony $10,000
Class 4 Felony $5,000
Class 5 Felony $5,000
Class 6 Felony $2,000
Drug Felony 1 (DF1) $10,000
Drug Felony 2 $7,500
Drug Felony 3 $5,000
Drug Felony 4 $2,000
Menacing with a Deadly Weapon $50,000
Second Degree Kidnapping with a Deadly Weapon $50,000
First Degree Assault $50,000
Manslaughter with a Deadly Weapon $50,000
Criminal Negligent Homicide with a Deadly Weapon $50,000
Vehicular Assault and Homicide $50,000
Sexual Assault on a Child $50,000
Sexual Assault on a Child – Position of Trust $50,000
Sexual Assault Force, Violence, Threat, Drugging $50,000
Sexual Assault on Helpless Victim $50,000
First Degree Burglary of Building (Drugs), Weapon Involved $50,000
Child Abuse with Bodily Injury $50,000
Aggravated Robbery $50,000
Unlawful Possession of Items to Make Controlled Substances $30,000
Escapes $50,000
First Degree Arson $50,000
Class 5 Habitual Domestic Violence Offender $10,000
Stalking $10,000
Second Degree Assault with Deadly Weapon $50,000
Second Degree Assault DV with Serious Bodily Injury $25,000
Second Degree Assault DV with Deadly Weapon $50,000
Possession of a Weapon by a Previous Offender (POWPO) $10,000
Public Nuisance $10,000



Even though there is a schedule, judges will also take into account other factors.  These other factors include your ties to the community, any criminal record, family and work support, and the alleged strength of the case.  Since the setting of bond can be complicated matter, it is usually safer to discuss these issues with an attorney.