Continuing from How to Select Defense Lawyer over the Internet (Part 1)¸ the following are some additional tips regarding what you should consider and review when you are conducting Internet research for possible criminal lawyers for your (or your loved one’s) defense. While Part 1 of this blog focused on discussing how to research an attorney with the Colorado Bar Association, as well as what to look for when first reviewing a lawyer’s website, here in Part 2, we will concentrate on discussing what elements of a lawyer’s experience to consider, along with how former clients’ testimonials should be taken into account.

  • The lawyer’s stated experience: Undoubtedly, one of the first things to look at when reviewing a lawyer’s stated experience is the number of years he has been practicing law – and the number of years that he has been practicing criminal law (make sure to very this stated experience with the Colorado Bar Association). When an attorney’s bio (or the Firm Overview page) states a “total combined legal experience,” you may need to dig a little deeper to find out exactly how long the lawyer has been practicing law.One important thing to mention is that some lawyers will explain that they have had prior experience as prosecutors. In many cases, this can strengthen their ability to litigate against prosecutors because they know how prosecutors think and build cases.
  • Client testimonials on behalf of the lawyer: Many criminal defense attorneys will include a special section for client testimonials on their websites. Read through these statements to get an idea of what former clients have to say about the lawyer you are researching. However, keep in mind that lawyers will typically only put glowing reviews from former clients on their websites, so these testimonials will likely not include any negative feedback that you will want to know about.To get a complete picture and more balanced feedback regarding an attorney, consider looking at reviews on other (third-party) websites – such as Yelp or legal listings.

Denver Criminal Defense Lawyers

Being charged with any crime can be frightening and stressful, and facing the criminal justice system alone is never a good idea because it can increase your risk of being convicted and facing harsh penalties. If you or a loved one has been accused of any felony or misdemeanor crime in Denver, you will need an experienced defense attorney who is dedicated to defending your rights.

At the Law Office of Andres R. Guevara, our skilled Denver criminal defense lawyers are committed to providing the accused with the best possible defense and to working tirelessly to helping them resolve their case as favorably as possible. As soon as you start working with our trusted criminal defense lawyers, we will begin investigating your case, interviewing witnesses and compiling evidence to support your defense. We will also work diligently to get the prosecution’s evidence against you thrown out of court and, whenever possible, to get the charges against you reduced or potentially even dismissed entirely. To learn more about your legal rights and receive expert advice on how to proceed with your case, contact us at (720) 379-8262.