A 43-year-old Longmont police officer has recently turned himself in to authorities and currently stands accused of two counts of felony sexual assault and two counts of criminal invasion of privacy for sexual gratification. According to the police report and court documents associated with this case, the accused cop came under suspicion of sexual assault when the alleged victim contact the authorities to report that the officer had allegedly had sexual relations with her and had taken sexually explicit photographs of her while she was sleeping and under the influence of muscle relaxant medication.

According to the alleged victim, the second sexual assault took place on July 2, 2013, and the only things that she remembers about the incident are that she awoke in a daze a few times to bright flashes, which the victims believes could have been the flashes from the suspect’s camera or cellphone.

Following the woman’s statement to police, investigators in Loveland obtained search warrants and seized the suspect’s cellphone and laptop computers. Although investigators have not specified whether they located sexually explicit pictures of the victim on the suspect’s phone or laptop, as the investigation is ongoing, the Longmont cop was shortly thereafter officially charged with two counts of sexual assault, both of which are class 3 felony charges. If the officer is ultimately convicted of these felony sex crimes, he could be sentenced to up to 24 years in prison for each count.

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The authorities take allegations of sex crimes, particularly those allegedly involving police officers or others who hold a position of trust in the community, extremely seriously, and these charges – even if a person is ultimately acquitted of them – can have a devastating impact on a person’s personal and professional life. If you or a loved one has been accused of any white collar crime in Denver, you will need an experienced defense attorney who is dedicated to defending your rights.

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