A 25-year-old Boulder man who currently stands accused of DUI, vehicular homicide and careless driving will be pleading not guilty when his case goes to trial this November. According to court documents and the police report associated with this case, the man had been driving with two other passengers in his vehicle (a 21-year-old female and a 21-year-old male) at about 3am on July 28, 2012. While allegedly trying to use his GPS system, the man was not focusing on the road, and his car veered off course, causing the car’s left tire to collide with the roadway median. Although the man tried to regain control of his car, the vehicle’s wheel hit the median a second time, causing the car to rollover and the female passenger to be ejected through the car’s sunroof. This passenger was crushed and was later pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Although the accused individual had tried to allege that the other male passenger in his car had, in fact, been driving at the time of the accident, police have the following evidence placing the defendant as the driver when the fatal car accident occurred:

  • The man’s blood on the driver-side door
  • The male passenger’s blood on the passenger-side door
  • The defendant’s statements on a social networking site admitting that he had been driving at the time of the accident and alleging that he had seen a deer, which caused the crash
  • The male passenger’s testimony that the defendant was the individual who was driving at the time of the fatal accident.

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