A Texas man who is currently serving 15 years in a Colorado prison for DUI and four DUI-related vehicular assault charges has been denied his request to have his sentence reduced. According to court documents associated with the case, the man – 57 year-old Dean Carlson – had submitted a request for a sentenced reduction in his case this past May. However, Boulder District Judge Thomas Mulvahill has recently denied this petition, stating that he believes the 15-year sentence handed down in the case “was reasonable, appropriate, and necessary upon consideration of the facts [of the case].”

Court documents explain that the man had been alleged to have been driving down the wrong side of the Diagonal Highway in Boulder on July 21, 2012. At approximately 4:30am, he got into a head-on collision with another passenger vehicle. While the driver of that vehicle was severely injured, slid into a coma and ultimately died from his injuries a few months ago, the other passenger was also critically injured by reportedly survived the car accident. Two hours following this DUI accident when his blood was finally tested, Carlson reportedly had a blood alcohol content of 0.221 – nearly three times the legal limit. Additionally, officers reported that Carlson has three prior DUIs in Texas and New York and that he had allegedly just regained his driving privileges prior to this fatal DUI accident.

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As part of the plea bargain that Carlson accepted in this case, he ultimately plead guilty to DUI and four counts of vehicular assault, along with various other misdemeanor traffic offenses. Additionally, prosecutors agreed to take vehicular homicide off the table as part of this plea deal.

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