A prominent member of the Bloods gang, 38-year-old Kenneth Greenwood, has recently been convicted of various federal drug and gun crimes, which will likely land him in prison for years when he is ultimately sentenced in this case. This conviction marks the end of just one of the 17 cases that have been filed against various Blood members in Denver who were arrested last December as part of a massive sweep conducted by local and federal authorities.

While some of the defendants in these cases were charged at the state, rather than the federal, level, others have already accepted plea deals in their cases. None of the terms of these plea deals were readily available to the public.

According to court documents, Greenwood had been selling guns and drugs to a confidential informant who was working with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. After arresting Greenwood, law enforcement officials searched his home and business, where they uncovered cash, guns and ammunitions, drugs and paraphernalia associated with the sale and distribution of drugs.

Following his arrest and trial, Greenwood was ultimately convicted of two counts of possessing a firearm as a felon and two counts of drug possession with the intent to deliver. Although the specific drug in this case has been reported to be crack cocaine, at this time, the exact amount of the drug that was found on Greenwood upon his arrest is unknown. As a result, while it is likely that Greenwood will be subject to federal mandatory minimum sentencing in this case, whether he will face a minimum sentence of 10 or 20 years will depend on whether he possessed less than 28 grams of the drug at the time he was arrested.

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