According to CBS Sports, a former Tampa Bay Lightning player recently appeared in court to discuss his recent DUI charge. The hockey forward, Ryan Malone, pleaded no contest to these charges. He also agreed to go to a drug diversion program.

In mid-April, Malone ran over a curb, which prompted the police’s attention. When he was pulled over, the 34-year-old NHL player initially refused to take a field sobriety test. Later, when he finally took the blood alcohol test, he had a BAC of .112. The authorities also found 1.3 grams of cocaine on the 10-year NHL veteran.

He was charged with both a DUI and drug charges.

Because Ryan Malone pleaded no contest, his drug charge will be dismissed if he completes the programs prescribed to him. As punishment for his DUI, his driver’s license will be suspended, prohibiting him from driving for six months. He also is required to complete community service hours.

Malone was probably advised by his criminal defense lawyer to plead no contest to his charges.  Ultimately, this was the best option for him. It allowed Malone to get the help he needed.

Depending on your case, you could be advised to do the same. It is up to you and your lawyer to determine the best plan of action when it comes to your DUI defense case in Colorado.  If you have found the right defense lawyer for you, they will most likely lead you toward your best possible solution.

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