Finally, after decades of waiting and planning, RTD in Denver opened a train line between Downtown Denver and DIA.  For years, the only way to get out to the airport was by car (owned or by taxi) or by using one of the few bus services available to the airport.  Now, the train is here and as a Denver resident I am excited by the positive impact this will have on our great city.

RTD Train Line to DIA a Sign of Progress and Growth

To describe my excitement, I need to give you some background.  I grew up in New York City when my parents left Cuba a few years after the Castro regime came to power.  While most Cubans settled in Miami, my family came up north to the Union City, New Jersey and Manhattan areas.  From my early age, I lived by either walking or taking public transportation everywhere I went.  Taxi cabs were a luxury for my family and we could only afford to take cabs for emergencies.

In New York, however, public transportation is spectacular.  Trains and city buses criss-cross the island and cover nearly every inch of Manhattan.  In a city like New York, public transportation isn’t only convenient , it’s a necessity.  With a population that large, you need to keep residents off the roads and shuttle large groups of New Yorkers quickly and efficiently.

As Denver’s population grows, traffic gridlock is becoming routine.  Every month, thousands and thousands move into our great town.  While this new influx is great news for our community, our city roads were created decades ago to handle a smaller number of residents.  Denver has a limited highway system even though we are a crossroads for all traffic heading out to either coast or either the Canadian or Mexican borders.

However, we now have a great and new way to get out to our airport.  The RTD train will be a cost-efficient way of getting both in and out of Denver.  In addition, RTD has added kiosks to the train platform so riders can pick up boarding passes and drop off their luggage.

With this new RTD line, I plan on saving lots of money on parking at DIA and look forward to the wonderful ride to and from the airport.  Now I can get some reading done or relaxing on a smooth train ride.  All aboard!