Nine men who have been arrested for their alleged ties to running a large cocaine drug ring throughout various cities in Colorado have recently plead not guilty to various felony charges, which include conspiracy, organized crime charges, trafficking cocaine and trafficking heroin. According to police reports, the men had been operating a cocaine and heroin drug ring throughout Boulder County and were supplying drugs to a number of local dealers for sale on the streets. These men had been arrested after a one year-long investigation that spanned from about November 2011 throughout December 2012 as part of an operation that the Boulder County Drug Task Force had deemed “El Gaucho.”

While the authorities eventually handed down 18 indictments in the case, only 16 of these indictments had been unsealed to reveal that those arrested and currently facing criminal charges were the nine men and seven other local dealers. At this point, law enforcement officials are still conducting parts of the investigation to try to uncover where the nine men had been getting their drug supply, and some suspect that prosecutors will soon try to offer plea deals to some of the arrested parties in an effort to get them to reveal who the major drug suppliers involved in this case are.

Preliminary hearings for this case are scheduled to take place in the coming weeks, at which time prosecutors will likely argue to have all of these cases joined together and prosecuted at a single trial (if not plea deals are ultimately made).

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