Our Denver Civil rights lawyers are here to protect your innate civil rights

The team at the Law Office of Andres R. Guevara is on a mission to bring social justice to the Greater Denver Area community.

We’re dedicated to using the law to uplift individuals whose rights have been impinged upon by those in power. Our firm maintains an aggressive Civil Rights strategy, and we will fight your battle in both state and federal courts.

If you’ve been a victim of a Civil Rights infringement, such as police brutality, discrimination, mistreatment, or violence by individuals abusing corporate or government power, then we are here for you.

Civil Rights infractions are symptomatic of a much larger problem that is facing society—equality.

We’ll fight using every tool in our arsenal, and our tools of choice are civil rights statutes, the federal and Colorado state constitutions, Colorado state laws, mediation, the media, direct negotiations, or any other available means.

We’ll be your advocates and protectors, and we’ll get you the justice you deserve, the fair compensation you’re owed, and we’ll help to change the current landscape so we can prevent similar abuses from occurring down the line.


Our Denver-based civil rights attorneys handle cases involving:

Civil Rights FAQ

Has someone violated your Civil Rights? Want to know if you have a case?
Learn more about Civil Rights charges and what next steps to take if you have a Civil Rights lawsuit on your hands in our FAQ.

Civil Rights are Human Rights

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