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There’s nothing more American than the freedom of expression. And at our Denver law firm, our civil rights lawyers wholeheartedly believe in protecting this right and in defending those whose First Amendment rights are infringed upon or denied.

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Civil Rights Law FAQ

If someone has infringed upon your First Amendment rights, and you have questions, take a look at our FAQ.

We handle first amendment rights cases involving:

Freedom of Expression

The right to free speech, guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, is one of our nation’s most valued values. The First Amendment applies when government tries to restrict the expression of ideas and opinions. Of course, there are certain instances where the government can regulate the freedom of expression without infringing upon an individual’s constitutional rights.

These instances are:

  • speech that incites illegal or subversive activity
  • fighting words
  • true threats
  • symbolic expression
  • defamation
  • perjury
  • plagiarism
  • solicitation
  • blackmail
  • calls to illegal action
  • commercial speech
  • freedom of expression in public schools, because they’re run by governmental agencies
  • obscenity and pornography

If you believe an institution or the government has prevented you from exercising your right to free speech, this is a civil rights issue. If you’ve been arrested or charged unfairly for protesting or exercising your right to free speech on a street or plaza, or if your art, music, writing, or other materials are being censored or accused of being “slanderous” or “threatening” when they’re not, we’ll be there to stand up for your freedom of expression.

It’s important to contact an impassioned civil rights attorney right away, so we can start to strategize how to right this wrong.

Freedom to Petition

Oftentimes, the most change happens when people can band together, discuss their ideas, delineate a plan for social change, and raise awareness to their cause. The right to petition and the right of peaceable assembly are crucial vehicles through which social change happens.

If you believe you’ve been wrongfully fined, arrested, or even physically harmed for exercising your freedom to petition, or your freedom to assemble peacefully, then you need a civil rights lawyer who will fight to uphold your rights in the face of those in positions of power.

Did you get arrested for marching for your beliefs? Is your group being targeted for assembling peacefully to discuss your religious, social, or any other interests? Then give us a call to discover what kind of civil rights case you may have on your hands.

Religious Discrimination

The First Amendment in the Bill of Rights declares that a government can neither restrict a resident’s right to practice their religion nor force a resident to practice a religion.

That religious protection, along with various civil rights laws that have been enacted over the years, prevent the government and employers from imposing religion on an individual or discriminating against people on the basis of religion.

All Americans are protected from religious discrimination in education, employment, housing, and more. For example, the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) protects individuals and religious institutions from discrimination in zoning.

If you believe your right to practice your religion freely and without fear of discrimination has been violated, it’s important you get in touch with a lawyer who has experience defending civil rights and First Amendment rights. Additionally, if someone has illegally imposed their religion upon you, you may have a civil rights case on your hands. It’s illegal for a public school to force you to pray or participate in a religious activity. In fact, there are only certain types of religious activities that are allowed in schools and universities, and all public schools are supposed to abide by the freedom of religion.

If someone has violated one of the foundations of American democracy by violating your right to practice (or not practice) religion, or if you’ve been a victim of religious discrimination, our civil rights lawyers are here to be your voice and your advocates.

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