Marijuana laws in Colorado can be confusing, so we're here to help

Here in Denver, and all around Colorado, recreational marijuana is only legalized:

  • For personal use *
  • For people 21 years of age and older

There are still instances where marijuana possession or consumption in Colorado are considered illegal.

Personal Use

When it comes to marijuana in Colorado, “personal use” is only defined as one ounce of marijuana or less.

This means that if you have a larger amount of marijuana, grow a large amount, or sell any amount of marijuana at all without proper business licensure, you could be facing criminal charges.

Marijuana Charges in Colorado

Depending on the amount of marijuana you have, you could be charged with a misdemeanor or even a felony. And after a certain amount, drug possession charges could be increased to drug trafficking charges, which come with serious penalties.

You could be facing penalties ranging from probation and fines to significant prison time.

If you’re facing marijuana charges in Colorado, our team of expert drug crime defense lawyers is here to help.

We understand that your future, freedom, and wellbeing are at stake, so we’ll aggressively combat the accusations against you.

Drug Crimes FAQ

Learn more about the potential consequences of drug crimes, what your options are, and what to do if you’ve been accused of a marijuana crime in our FAQ.

There's no need to serve time for weed

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