Probation Violation

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When you’re going about your daily life, it is hard to remember that you still have restrictions. You are human. People make mistakes, and that does not necessarily make you a bad person.

Violating your probation puts you at risk for some serious consequences, including a potential jail sentence. We are here to help you avoid the worst possible outcome.

While it is a better option than serving time in prison, probation still comes with restrictions. To fulfill your probation, you have to meet many different requirements, which can sometimes be confusing and difficult. And if you violate your probation–even accidentally–or your probation officer claims that you committed a violation, you risk going to prison.

Facing charges of a probation violation can be scary. It is a serious offense with long-lasting consequences. Your probation may be revoked after a violation; you could be required to serve out the rest of your sentence in prison or could even possibly be sentenced to even more time. This could result in not only the loss of your freedom, but also your job, economic stability, reputation, and relationships.

We will work as hard as we can to avoid this extreme. Our firm is dedicated to protecting people’s rights while navigating the criminal justice system. We listen and we work with our clients to achieve their goals for their case. When you work with us, our priority will be getting you the best possible result for your case.


Whether your probation officer claims that you failed to complete a program or community service, failed to pay a fine, or picked up a new case, we can help. There are a number of ways in which someone can violate their probation, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Failure to pay fines
  • Failure a drug test
  • Failure to report contact with the police
  • Failure to attend a court-ordered program or appointment
  • Failure to maintain employment or status as a student
  • Failure to complete community service
  • Engaging with a criminal
  • Engaging in threatening behavior
  • Being arrested or charged for another crime
  • Moving residences or leaving the state without permission from your probation officer

What do do after you've violated probation

If you are guilty of violating probation, you could be facing a variety of serious repercussions. It’s important to be proactive in this situation to try to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

Contact an attorney right away to learn what your next steps should be after you’ve violated probation. Our attorneys will go through every step of the way with you and explain, in detail, what will happen.

Unfortunately, good behavior can’t fix this mistake, but legally speaking, there are some ways that you can help yourself.

Some options would be to complete some, if not all, of the following steps:

  • Contact your probation officer ASAP
  • Complete community service
  • Attend court-ordered programs or appointments
  • Pay the necessary fines or restitution
  • Enter a drug or alcohol rehabilitation facility

Probation Violation FAQ

Need more information on what to do about your probation violation case? Visit our FAQ page to learn more.

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