Children's Protective Services

Our Denver defense attorneys can help you deal with Colorado's Child Protective Services

Our dedicated Denver lawyers are committed to defending parents facing unfair or unwarranted claims of child abuse or neglect. We will fight to protect your rights and keep your family together.

We understand that having Colorado’s protective services involved in your life can be a nightmare from which it’s nearly impossible to escape.

Colorado DHS Investigations

Colorado’s Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting law requires that health care officials, schools, police officers, and other officials report suspected child abuse.

The Colorado Department of Human Services continues to report a growing caseload, with more than 81,000 reports in 2012.

Dealing with a state or federal bureaucracy is always a challenge. But when your children are involved, emotions can run high. Allegations of sexual or physical abuse occur during a divorce or contentious child custody battle. Too often, a parent’s rights are unrightfully disregarded during an investigation and their lives are trampled through the mud by caseworkers that are afraid of making a mistake or inept at their jobs.

At the Law Office of Andres R. Guevara, we believe the best defense is an aggressive offense. Frequently, it is easier to resolve these cases if quick action is taken, rather than waiting to reverse an abuse finding or to seek a child’s return from placement outside the home.

If you find yourself in a situation with DHS, it’s vital to contact a Denver, CO child welfare defense lawyer as soon as possible.

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