Take back your reputation in the wake of a sex crime

Sex offender registration is required in Colorado for individuals convicted of most sex offenses.

Registration means that you will be added to a list of sex offenders. Being on this registry can greatly hurt your reputation, family relations, employment opportunities, job stability, your safety at home, your ability to stay in your residence, and your standing in the community.  .

In Colorado, a select few offenders are or can be eligible to be removed from the Sex Offender registry through a process called De-Registration. If you want to stop registering as a sex offender in Colorado, you need an aggressive criminal defense lawyer to help you take back your reputation and start anew. Our sex crime defense lawyers will guide you through the process of deregistering as a sex offender and help to overcome any obstacles that may lay in your path.

Sex Offender De-Registration in Colorado

If you are trying to deregister as a sex offender, your ability to deregister and your individual case will depend on the charge for which you were convicted.

Certain felony charges require lifetime registration, which means that you may never be able to deregister.

Other felony convictions may entail a 10-year or 20-year requirement to register as a sex offender.

Misdemeanor sex offenses can also require registration. For example, unlawful sexual contact or third-degree sexual assault convictions prior to 2000 carry a 10-year registration requirement.  Other misdemeanors typically require five years of registration.

If you received a deferred judgement and completed the sentence (and have the case dismissed), you are eligible to immediately petition to get removed from Colorado’s registry of sex offenders.

Even if you have apply to stop registering as a sex offender, you must continue to do so until a court order specifically discontinues your requirement.  Simply filing the paperwork is not enough.

Sex Crimes FAQ

Take a look at our FAQ for answers to your questions regarding deregistering as a sex offender.

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