Our sex crime defense lawyers will help you avoid jail time if you fail to register as a sex offender

When someone is convicted of an unlawful sex offense in Colorado, the accused is required to complete sex offender registration with the law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction where he or she resides.

Failure to register in a timely manner, or failure to provide accurate information in a registration, can lead to criminal charges, as failing to register as a sex offender can be considered either a felony or misdemeanor sex offense in Colorado.

Sex Crimes FAQ

Take a look at our FAQ for answers to your questions regarding the penalties of failing to register as a sex offender and what you should do if you forgot or failed to register in a timely manner.

We'll help you fight a charge of failure to register

We understand that you’re already paying for your crime, and don’t need nor deserve an additional felony charge just because you forgot or were unable to register as a sex offender on time. Contact our Denver law office of experienced criminal defense attorneys right away to schedule a free consultation.

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