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Burglary is another form of stealing, but is considered a more severe type of crime. Burglary is defined as unlawfully entering a building with the intent to commit a certain crime. The keyword in this phrase is intent.

In general, burglary is harder for the prosecution to prove because of the need to prove intent at the moment the defendant entered the building. If the defendant chose to commit a felony or theft while inside the building, this would not constitute burglary.

If you’re being accused of burglary in Colorado, you need an aggressive criminal defense lawyer by your side to create a compelling argument that disproves any accusations regarding your “intentions.”

Burglary charges and crimes in Colorado

The punishment for burglary is more severe than a punishment for petty theft. It’s also important to note that a person can be convicted of burglary without stealing; if a person enters a building without consent, this constitutes a break and entry by burglary standards.

Additionally, if a defendant enters the building with the intent to commit a crime, but is caught before the crime or theft takes place, that person can still potentially be charged with burglary.

To prove intent, the prosecution will attempt to see if you discussed the intent to burglarize with anyone before entering the building. They will also look at your actions and choices before and after entering the building.

If you were carrying a large bag, the prosecution could potentially say that this showed intent. Furthermore, they will look into your past. If you have a history of petty theft, this could increase your chances of a burglary conviction.

Theft, Robbery & Burglary FAQ

Our expert criminal defense attorneys possess the critical knowledge and experience that’s necessary when dealing with a burglary charge. Knowledge is power, so check out our FAQ to find answers and information on burglary charges and potential consequences.

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