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The general definition of robbery is using force to take a person’s possessions. The force used is the differentiating factor between the two categories of robbery, simple and aggravated.

The punishments for robbery will vary depending on your particular case. No case is the same, and each case can be defended and sentenced differently.


With a simple robbery, the accused individual uses force, threat, or intimidation and can be punished by a two to four-year sentencing in prison.


An aggravated robbery requires the presence of a deadly weapon. If a person is convicted of aggravated robbery, he or she may have to serve between four and twelve years in prison.

Robbery in Colorado

There are two types of robbery that an individual can be accused of. While the severity of their punishments vary, it’s important you get an aggressive criminal defense lawyer on your side to help you fight the robbery charges against you.

Theft, Robbery & Burglary FAQ

Our seasoned criminal defense attorneys have knowledge and experience when it comes to robbery charges. Check out our FAQ to find answers to common questions on robbery charges and potential consequences.

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