Violent Crime Law

Our Denver Violent Crime Defense Lawyers help clear your name

Facing a criminal charge is a scary, confusing experience, and it’s even more true when you’ve been accused of a violent crime. Colorado law makes a lot of assumptions right off the bat when there’s an allegation of a violent crime, and you may even feel like you’re under attack from the courts. The justice system is often stacked against you, even when you’ve done nothing wrong, and without competent representation, you can easily fall victim to inflated charges.

At The Law Office of Andres Guevara, we don’t make the same assumptions. We know that, in the heat of the moment, emotions can flare and it’s easy to misinterpret harmless actions as a potential threat.

It’s important for us to understand the full story, including the reason for your actions. Under Colorado law, your intent matters, and if your actions were misinterpreted, you may be facing more severe charges. We’ll listen to what you have to say and help you tell your side of the story in court so you can get the best possible outcome for your violent crime charges.

Violent Crime FAQ

Learn more about violent crimes, how they apply in Colorado, and their consequences in our FAQ.

Let’s get your name cleared

Even a false allegation of a violent crime carries a heavy stigma. At The Law Office of Andres Guevara, we don’t discount you just because you’ve been accused of a crime. Call us today for a free consultation and tell your side of the story to an attorney who will listen.

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