Our family lawyers will fight charges of contempt

If you’ve been accused of committing “contempt,” you may be a bit confused .Sometimes life happens, and we get distracted from attending to monthly payments, or letters get lost in the mail.

If you missed child support payments or forgot the payments were due, and you are charged with contempt, contact the family law lawyers here at Denver’s Law Office of Andres R. Guevara right away to get an aggressive lawyer on your side. We’ll fight to keep you free and to get the situation straightened out.

Contempt of Court

Contempt of court refers to actions which either defy a court’s authority, cast disrespect on a court, or impede the ability of the court to perform its function. When it comes to the family law arena, “civil contempt of court” is what happens when someone fails to follow an order from the court. This failure is said to result in injury to a private party’s rights.

If you have failed to pay court-ordered child support, you may be accused of committing civil contempt. And if you’re accused of contempt, you can and may be incarcerated.

Family Law FAQ

Child support and contempt charges are intricate and confusing. If you have questions about child support payments, contempt charges, or any other aspect of family law, check out our family law FAQ right away.

Fight charges of contempt of court

If you’ve been accused with contempt of court, give our family law firm right away. We’ll fight to get your charges dropped so you can avoid jail time and excessive fines.

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