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Our aggressive divorce law attorneys offer you with various pathways to end your marriage, including:


A divorce occurs when a couple decides to legally end the marriage.

Of course, getting a divorce means there is a slew of issues to address, such as the division of marital assets and debts, the allocation of parental rights and child custody, and orders for alimony or child support.

Our Denver divorce lawyers will help to guide you through the divorce process, and ensure you leave the marriage with everything you deserve.

Legal Seperation

Legal separation is unique from divorce in that it doesn’t legally terminate a marriage, but rather puts things on pause to ease the transfer to divorce or help each party to figure out if they really do want to divorce.

A legal separation occurs when a married couple chooses to live separately, and they come to an arrangement by court order.

Typically, the court order will determine similar matters as a divorce agreement, such as: spousal support, child custody, and property division.

Our family law lawyers are here to answer your questions and ensure you’re financial stability in the wake of a legal separation.


As humans, we make mistakes. Thankfully, for instances of deceit or misinformation, there is an annulment.

An annulment makes it like a marriage never happened.

While the process of an annulment is easier than divorce—as there is typically no division of property—it’s smart to have a competent attorney on your side to ensure you can dissolve the marriage contract and move on with your life.

Our family law lawyers are here to answer your questions and ensure you’re financial stability in the wake of a legal separation.

Divorce Law FAQ

Learn more about divorce law, how an annulment works, and how you can end your marriage in our FAQ.

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