Property Division

Our Denver divorce attorneys will make sure you get what's yours when it comes to property division

During a divorce, the process of property division and distribution is quite complex, even in amicable divorces. Dividing up a couple’s property and assets is a complex, highly contested process.

In order to protect your rights to your property, it’s vital you have a lawyer on your side who is capable of accurately evaluating assets, determining the true value and amount of marital property, distinguishing between what is marital property and what is sole property, and ensuring you receive the property you’re entitled to when all is said and done.

The experienced divorce law attorneys at our Denver law firm can help ensure you get what you deserve when you get a divorce in Colorado.

Dividing marital property in Colorado

When it comes to dividing property in a divorce, Colorado family law courts abide by a principle of “equitable distribution.”

Equitable distribution means a judge will divide property according to what they deem fair, not necessarily what is equal.

Property distribution may favor the higher earner in a couple, as a higher earner may claim more than half of the estate in a divorce according to his or her income.

The division of property is affected by what is marital property and what is separate property.

Divorce Law FAQ

Do you have questions about property division during a divorce in Colorado? Take a look at our FAQ to get answers to you questions.

A house divided cannot stand

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