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DMV Hearings Division: Administrative hearings conducted by the Colorado Department of Revenue:


DMV and Department of Revenue Forms – General

Forms – forms and publications

Hearings Division Forms – quick link to the six forms provided by the hearings division


Colorado Driver’s License Reinstatement and Forms

Online Request for Reinstatement Requirements – request your personal reinstatement requirements.

Early Reinstatement with Ignition Interlock – reinstating early for a DUI-type revocation with a mandatory ignition interlock restricted license.

Application for Reinstatement – DR2870 – driver’s license reinstatement form every driver must submit anytime they are applying for driver’s license reinstatement as a resident or non-resident – the $95 reinstatement fee must accompany this form.

Certification– DR2598 – driver’s license reinstatement form for all 21 year old or older offenders with a first offense BAC ≤ .149 – also required for Underage Drinking & Driving convictions.

Affidavit of Enrollment In Level II Education & Therapy – DR2643 – driver’s license reinstatement form required for reinstatement for all persistent drunk drivers

Restricted License Ignition Interlock Agreement Affidavit– DR2058 – driver’s license reinstatement form for ignition interlock/ early reinstatement

Out of State Residency Affidavit (SR22) – DR2680 – driver’s license reinstatement form that non-resident drivers need to submit to bypass the SR22 requirement being imposed by Colorado – this form must be signed by a driver’s license official in the home state

Affidavit of Non-Ownership (IID) – DR2056 – driver’s license reinstatement form that non-resident drivers need to submit if they are under a mandatory ignition interlock requirement – this document states that the driver does not own or have access to drive any vehicles that are registered in the state of Colorado.  This form will bypass the ignition interlock requirement, but the driver still will not be allowed to drive in Colorado without ignition interlock during the mandatory period of restraint and restriction.

Ignition Interlock Information

Interlock Providers – contact information for the four approved ignition interlock vendors in Colorado

Smart Start Colorado – Our recommended ignition interlock vendor

Financial Assistance for Ignition Interlock – information regarding financial assistance for ignition interlock devices

DMV Change of Address Forms

Change of Address Form – DR2285

Online Change of Address – Electronically submit change of address form

Vehicle Registration

Registering, Titling & Emissions – what you need to know to register and title a vehicle in Colorado

Vehicle Registration Renewal – online form to renew your annual vehicle registration in Colorado

Colorado Driver’s License Application and Renewal

Identification Requirements – forms of identification needed to be issued a Colorado driver’s license or ID card

Lawful Presence Requirements – identification requirements needed to establish lawful presence in the United States

Colorado Requirements for Residency – documents and proof needed to meet Colorado’s residency requirement

Acceptable Forms of ID – what constitutes secure and verifiable ID

Colorado DMV Forms to Request Information

MVR Request Form – DR2489 – form required to obtain a full Colorado driving history

Per Se / Express Consent Documents Request– DR2664 –obtain the express consent package prior to the express consent hearing for refusal or per se violation

DMV Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Vehicles – frequently asked questions regarding commercial driver’s licenses

Type of Actions – five types of restraint actions and their definitions