The Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires that you follow certain steps once you are ready to reinstate your driver’s license. General instructions and forms are provided on the DMV website.  However, every license reinstatement is different and the obstacles you will face will depend on your previous driving record.

DMV Reinstatement: Interlock, Level II Alcohol Classes, and SR-22 Insurance 



Your license has been revoked for an alcohol related driving offense.  In most cases, the next step to driving again is installing a breath test machine in your car. The State of Colorado requires an ignition interlock device installed in your car if you are designated a *persistent drunk driver (PDD) or elected to reinstate your driving privilege early as designated by the DMV.

An approved provider must install the ignition interlock device.  The device is attached to your car battery and connects to the ignition. You cannot start your car without first blowing in the device. The interlock device tests for the presence of alcohol in your breath and will not allow the car to start if it reads a 0.025 BAC level. The device registers a .025 BAC as a failure and reports it to the DMV. Multiple failures could result in the extension of the interlock restriction.

Be aware that the ignition interlock device is often sensitive to the presence of alcohol in mouthwash, perfumes, and certain soaps. It is important to avoid these products when using the device or switch to similar non-alcoholic products.

There is a possibility of early removal of the ignition interlock device. Eligibility for early removal depends on specific circumstances of your case. The flip side of this, however, is unnecessarily extending your revocation period if you are unfamiliar with DMV requirements for installation of the device.


Level II DUI Education Classes

 Level II DUI education classes are conducted in a classroom setting. Classes are typically completed in 12 weeks. You will learn about problems associated with alcohol use and addiction. Enrollment in Level II education is required for reinstatement of your driving privilege in the following circumstances:

  1.     If you have been designated a PDD and meet certain additional requirements.
  2.     If you are a driver that has been previously discharged as “unsuccessful.”
  3.     Minor drivers who meet certain criteria.
  4.     A non-resident driver who is attempting to reinstate.

SR-22 insurance

SR-22 insurance is purchased for an additional fee to your standard insurance policy. You are required to have SR-22 insurance for the length of time driving restrictions are imposed. The SR-22 insurance provider is responsible for notifying the DMV when the driver terminates the policy. Additionally, proof of SR-22 insurance satisfies the DMV requirement requesting that you provide proof of financial responsibility.


* PDD is anyone who has had their license revoked for two or more alcohol related driving offenses, continues to drive after a restraint has been imposed for one or more alcohol related offenses, has a blood alcohol level of 0.15 or higher within two hours of driving, and refuses to cooperate in the completing of a test of his or her blood, breath, saliva, or urine, as required by Colorado Revised Statutes. (C.R.S. 42-1-1-2).


If you are trying to reinstate your driver’s license in the State of Colorado, be careful of all the hurdles you will need to cross.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Denver and Colorado DMV Attorney Jill Jackson to help you through this process.